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Madeline Rundsten's Note: I will not enter the privacy of the traditional or conservative family life, they be of Christian, Muslim or other origins.
On the contrary, I stand out of the crowd. Though is seems a contradiction, the freedom institution is essential, but not avoidable,
not only in a relatively open society like the Danish, compared to the U.S., not in every respect a community, even in a time of fast changes.

I hold the right to choose my own ways of clothing and other behaviour,  for example my opinions. Exclusively for geostrategical
and political reasons Europe desperately needs to become friends with the Muslim world - which in fact is just as multifacetted and rich
in socio-cultural texture as the Abendland. Besides, the puritan ideals are closely related to the religious puritan, refomative, good old German
Lutheran selfish, envious and petty "virtues", the neoplatonic world of ideas, where not only Islam, but to some instance Christianity itself, take deep roots.
But why must we all look alike? Or do you differ as a dogma - and what is practical? Functionalism as an icon of iconoclastic non-beeing.
And why are modest clothes not considered practical, even for the so-called Christians? Why do you by all means have to expose yourself?

Second dogma. This statement is a proof of the Freedom of speech. The Freedom to choose. The Freedom to believe.
And I believe in the conditions set by the natural talents, and the bringing-up is simply to lenghten and enlarge these talents,
to avoid misunderstandings. And to make it clear, I am not Muslim, but of Nordic heritage, with no confession or religious bends.

Third dogma. Obey, not necessarily pray. Cry, scream and die. And enjoy the good weather outside. More will follow soon.

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